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Oh My continued our task as Oklahoma coordinator of Purebred Shorthair rescue this year, and we successfully accepted, vetted and placed 14 purebred cats. Two additional ones came and will stay to live out their lives: A 10 year old Bengal spay who has taken up her role as a companion to Caleb our brown spotted boy, and Scarlet, an elderly Aby who has to remain on meds for life. We wish to thank others who made our task easier: Dr Gloria Leopard whose skill is matched only by her love of cats, Sue Mobley of Hands Helping Paws whose network helps find homes for the rescues almost as fast as we get them ready to go, and Tammy Miller, fellow Bengal breeder, who has rescued more purebreds than anyone in the state of Oklahoma this year! Tammy has my vote for Regional Humanitarian in TICA !

Our winners this year were bittersweet. Jimmy had major surgery in December and several months of recovery prevented attendance at some of our favorite shows. His rescued black and white spay OhReno was number one household pet before his surgery, but did manage to finish the year as RW SGM OhReno, 5th Best Household Pet Adult in the Region. She arrived at our doorstep in the arms of a mother and her son who had picked her up from the road where she and another had been discarded...the littermate had been hit by a car. ...Reno, the street gave her her name. Reno has taken ownership of Jimmy!

RW Supreme Grand Champion OhMy Avanti Andy is from our first new CFA/TICA line created through the wonderful friendship of Deborah Feltham in Ontario and our own Red girl Firefly. Andy is a Regional winner this year and is now enjoying the company of a new girl from Ruth Snow and her daughter. El Quhira bloodlines are now to be combined with Andy's! We are looking forward to this combination

RW TGCA OhMy Fudge Masterpiece only showed twice this year, but managed a Regional Win. He is scheduled to show this year and has already finished his Quad Grand Champion Alter. His papa and grandpapa are PROUD, as this boy comes from INTERNATIONAL BEST lines! Plus he is that best of all OhMy Bengals, A true Buddy Baby, having the bloodline of our departed friend, CH Abben Buddy Love

Stay tuned to our amature photos of new babies as they arrive, and better pics of our show cats as we can get them scheduled.

SGCA OhMy Rajah Tara and SGCA OhMy Kumara at Whitecastle
Owner: Richard Hummel of Wichita.


This is Buddy, an OhMy Pet in Owasso, OK.


Another OhMy kitten in his new home.


JoAnimals Fancy Dance of OhMy (blue tortie and white)
Fancy (blue tortie and white) completed her Double Grand Master at Waxahachie. This is her favorite pose.....a live kitty bed.


OhMy Pepper Frost and Friends
Enjoying the Sun in the newest Pur-fect Fence off the Patio Door.


SGA OhMy Kumara at Whitecastle
NEW Supreme, shown with Auntie Sharon and Vickie Shields receiving his Best Cat Final at On Safari 08.
Owner: Richard Hummel of Wichita, Kansas also owns SGA OhMy Rajah.


A Buddy Love great great grandson, spotted and with the Buddy Love personality.


DGC OhMy Butterfly Dreams
OHMY is proud to announce that Butterfly Dreams is now a Double Grand Champion.


Heart Kitty
DOB: Orphan
Rescued for the "LOVE" of it (note the heart on this orphan's belly). He is being nursed by Demi before going to our vet for placement.

OhMy OhNo
OhMy OhNo will begin his ACFA show career May, 2007 He lives with Larry, his family, two younger snow Bengals and two top show Akitas.


OhMy sponsors two Junior Achievers so far:
In Wichita Falls Texas, Ryan Bays began his training in Jr Achiever with our RW SGC OhMy Dragonfly. He later added a Seal Marbled Lynx Point Bengal. Ryan has been recognized at the SC Regional Banquet now for two years. He and parents Bob and Kitty Bays have become our good friends. I hope Ryan continues in this wonderful educational program.

Malina Nguyen Our second and newest Junior Achiever is Malina Nguyen in Massachusetts. Malina turned 8 years old shortly after receiving her Seal Marbled Lynx Point Bengal. It is difficult to choose from the wonderful pictures she and her mother Kiera send us. Shaker is in a wonderful home.

Purr Fect Fence
We use and recommend Purr Fect Fence enclosures for our cats to play in the fresh air.
17X30 ft, 8ft tall with a 2 ft overhang.

To view larger image, click on the image.

RW SGC OhMy Rajah

Sire: Jumanji High Resolution of OhMy
Dam: Cedarwood Patti Page of OhMy
Rajah is pictured on the cover of the January 2006 Cats & Kittens Magazine. Rajah lives in Kansas with his owner Richard Hummel.



OhMy Artic of LaGallerie Bengals
DOB: 03/04/2003
Sire: OhMy Blizzard
Dam: CH OhMy U Godiva Girl
Color: Seal Sepia Marble
Placed as a Breeder/Show. Sire of LaGallerie Cookies n Cream of OhMy


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