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Cats sold with show eligibility cannot be guaranteed for wins. Breeders are guaranteed. We do not administer feline leukemia or chlamydia. Rabies is given IF shipped.

VETERINARIAN: Cats Only Vet, Dr. Gloria Leopard: Norman, OK. Adult Breeders have been tested negative for both Feline Leukemia and for FIV. The FIP Vaccine is dangerous. So is giving multiple shots at the same time. No Declaw!

HEALTH RECORD: Worming at 3 weeks & 9 weeks with Panacur - 12 weeks Strongid OhMy vaccinates all kittens below the age of 4 weeks for calici/rhino by intranasal (Heska). They will be vaccinated twice before age 12 weeks with Trivalent adding panleukopenia.

FOOD: Life?s Abundance Dry and Instinctive Choice canned is recommended to extend your guarantee. Order information is provided. Please do not feed other food without discussing with me. Many plants and foods are harmful.

GUARANTEE: See your vet within the first week of purchase. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your kitten/cat, you may return it for a full refund. Transportation is at your expense. Following that week, you have a one-year replacement health guarantee IF you choose to continue feeding the cat Healthy Pet Net Food. You have a lifetime guarantee against life threatening genetic faults as verified by my vet. Necropsy is required if death is from genetic cause. For replacement, the cat must be returned to the breeder at your expense. You are responsible for any medical expense you authorize. ALL PETS MUST BE ALTERED BEFORE THE AGE OF SIX MONTHS. Send verification to the breeder. Written permission from the breeder is required before transfer of ownership. If found that there has been abuse or severe neglect of the cat allowing the cat to roam outside of the home, the guarantee is terminated. LOVE YOUR KITTY AND SEND PICTURES!!!!

I understand and agree to abide by these terms. I also understand that failure to abide by this contract could result in repossession of the kitten/cat by the seller with no reimbursement made. DISCLOSURE:_________________________________

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