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The Legend of the Marble Cat

We have discovered that: The Bengal is more like a best friend than a cat or a dog. They are instinctively gentle with elderly and the very young. They can play like "wild animals" yet leave our collection of memories unscathed. They sense moods and comfort or entertain as needed. They accompany me throughout the house: work when I work, play when I play, and rest when I stop. Though occasionally possessive, they usually compromise by sitting together on my lap. They surprise, play hide and seek, and play endless games of fetch and catch. They growl over imaginary prey and hide treasures they choose as their own.

In addition to taking turns living in the house, we have a large spacious and airy cattery pavilion, where our males live like the kings they are. We encourage visitors, and invite all to consider Catching the Dream of the Bengal Cat. Our very first Bengal was a beautiful tricolor marble female. Civie Cat was purchased after we lost a blue rescue male who had become the center of our lives. We had never seen, nor heard of a Bengal and our meeting was pure chance.

A neighbor who raised Manx, advertised her at age 3 months after they had received her in a trade. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. There is no other pet like them!

We picked her for beauty and gentleness, not realizing that we had just caught the Circus Ring. She helped raise our grandchildren and entertained all visitors. When we located a male for her, we (again by chance) were introduced to TIBCS, and our education began. Having raised black Shepherds for years, we made the transition. Ocielot, a charcoal spotted boy from Anita Lawless was our foundation stud, and we later added Mon Cher. These two created our wonderful friend known as CH Abben Buddy Love. (Best Seal Mink Marble - SC Region, 1998-99.)

Buddy won awards at On Safari in both 1998 and in 2008 a ten year span ! He also was awarded as the oldest Bengal in competition and 9th Best Alter. His eyes were still clear, he still showed those magnificent ears, tail, and whiskerpads, and he had a blast being back in the show ring visiting all his friends. One of his great grandsons at the same show won BEST BENGAL. He tested negative for HCM at age 10.Buddy worked as a therapy cat in nursing homes for three years, and represented the Bengal Breed at Oklahoma City's Festival of the Pet for eight years. Most years he was the only cat, and one year won a trick contest againstsix canine competitors. Six months after his last show he was gone at age 12 1/2 from pancreatic cancer. He lives on forever in our Buddy Baby bloodlines. We have added outcross lines as we work to stay in the forefront of the breed's development, and produce show quality kittens as well as pets. Our breeders include both snow and brown lines, but we specialize in the mink/sepia marble. Above all, we seek in this order, Health, Temperament, Type and Beauty. We are proud of the results. Our breeding cats include most recently, Starglitter, Coolspots, and of course the wonderful son of IW RW SGC Suwannee Fudge Ripple and our OhMy Vanilla Fudge, our own RW QGC Bagheera Godiva Ripple of OhMy).Catch the Dream ! Become a Bengal's Pet Today. The Bengals fill our hearts and our lives. Our current show Alter RW QGC OhMy Fudge Masterpiece continues the bloodline,and his brother, OhMy Mocha Prince (currently at BlueBarn Bengals) is producing our newest buddy babies.) CH Abben Buddy Love.

Catch the Dream ! Become a Bengal's Pet Today.

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